inSHAPE Fitness is delighted to welcome the Kinetic Massage Therapy community to our website, and hopefully, to our no nonsense focus on functional movement and in home exercise programming. 

The trainers at inSHAPE have been providing functional fitness and wellness services throughout Manhattan and online for over fifteen years! inSHAPE's professionals specialize in customized exercise programs that take place in your home, home gym or outdoors training. They also work with employees in office locations and outdoors via corporate wellness programs. Finally, they are among the first to provide their clients with proprietary online programming with inMOTION Customized Workouts, an online application that is launching this summer.

The majority of fitness training programs today focus on what people want to look like and how much they want to weigh. Though these aren't terrible reasons to get a trainer, functional fitness with a specialized team li. Going to the gym just isn't an option for some people whether it's because they dislike it or they simply just don't have the time. Most people have hectic schedules and inSHAPE caters to each persons lifestyle by offering fitness training that is both effective and convenient. They offers a variety of specialities including corrective exercise programs, body mechanics and proper technique, circuit training programs, certified running coaches, certified yoga and Pilates coaches, certified golf instructors and pre/post natal exercise. With inSHAPE you have the ability to exercise when and where it's convenient for you, whether it's at home, in your residential gym, at the office or outdoors!

Kinetic Massage Therapy clients and friends will receive a 20% discount on training services! To sign up for a FREE Consultation, please click on this link and complete our short (but rather detailed ;) health history and one of our staff members will contact you to get on our schedule. For more information on inSHAPE's services please visit To inquire about inSHAPE events, corporate wellness or other programs, please email or call 212-362-1001.

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