What do you do when you don't have time for a complete workout? Skip it, right? Now you don't have to. With inMOTION, you get a total body session delivered to you with complete instructions, graphic images, and Coach Kim right beside you. She helps you move with precision and the greatest efficiency so that your 15 minute quickie burns as many calories as most 30-45 minute workouts in a gym.

The module will soon be an app that you can download for various mobile devices, but in the meantime, sign up for a free account and try the workouts at: www.inmotionworkouts.com. A free account gives you unlimited Total Body Fitness Routines, and for less than $8.00/month, you can access more than a dozen other exercise varieties:

  • low impact
  • weight loss
  • kinetic connect
  • pre and post natal
  • mid-day boost and increased energy
  • beach body

With a membership you are also able to save completed sessions so that you can return to the same sequence and perfect it as often as you wish.

Why inMOTION? 
99% of all mobile exercise options are canned, pre-programmed sequences that get stale quickly. With inMOTION, you command the program by entering three variables:

  • time (number of minutes from 10-60) you have
  • difficulty (1-5 with 1 a pre-conditioning workout and 5 a challenging body blast)
  • functional focus (total body fitness for free users and full access for members)

Each workout is unique, which means that you get the advantage of generating as many routines as you wish. SIGN UP for FREE here: www.inmotionworkouts.com!