The inSHAPE approach to Corporate Fitness Programs is simple – we provide employees with challenging, unique, and fun exercise and nutrition programs that promote healthy lifestyles and high company morale. Here are five ways that we can help your team:

1. Break Time Body BoostThis option represents the closest to our personal training services, offered individually or in a small group setting. Whether it's for two employees or ten, our team will customize a program that tones and tightens while burning tons of calories all in less than a half hour. 

2. PE with inSHAPE: Does your staff simply need better knowledge when it comes to exercise options and fitness time management? We can help - in small or large groups, our experts will teach your employees what moves work to boost their energy, burn more calories, and help them lose weight faster. These are typically 30-60 minute sessions and can take place anytime before, during, or after the workday.

3. Corporate Wellness Challenge: What better way to inspire your staff to take better care of themselves than to make it a friendly competition? inSHAPE will consult with you on each detail, from the length of time, variables to be measured, metrics for success, and both fitness and nutritional programming you can provide to help them achieve their goals. It's fun and it works!

4. Yoga & Pilates: Our expert instructor will guide you through a series of vibrant yoga poses and uplifting breathing exercises that foster awareness and overall wellbeing, as well as core strength and alignment. Various yoga disciplines are available.

5. Nutrition: Many employees spend more than half of their waking hours in the office, which means that they need the knowledge and motivation to practice healthy eating habits with food prepared by someone other than themselves. Our nutritionist is available for seminars on any food topic.

A Lunch & Learn Program is a perfect way to help increase awareness and offer knowledge about wellness, fitness, and nutrition in a casual atmosphere.  These mini sessions run between thirty to forty five minutes, and we can accommodate groups of any size.

For rates and other details, email or call us at 917-689-3065.