Why we've been around since 1997

inSHAPE has changed my life. I seem to get more flexible and have more energy week by week. The results are great; I would never want to leave them.
— Rebecca Reich, client since 2010
My husband encouraged me to get a trainer though I’ve always just worked out on my own. I thought that I was going to hate being told what to do, but my inSHAPE trainer was super motivating and so well knowledgeable that I easily gave up the reigns and followed her instruction. Our sessions are challenging but fun, and I look forward to each appointment.
— Linda, client since 2012
I was skeptical about working out in my apartment. Going to a gym seemed to me the only way to truly work up a sweat, but the problem is that I just never find the time to go. So, I gave inSHAPE a try and was amazed at how challenging the routine could get without ANY equipment. My trainer makes use of the small amount of space I have in my living room, the stairwell, and a few items she brings along for each session. And the best part is that I don’t have to go anywhere.
— Morgan, brand new client :)
The fitness experts at InSHAPE are fabulous! Having worked with one of their trainers and attended their boot camps in Central Park, I can say they are among the best in the city! They also treat their clients with free nutritional counseling, and weekly written workouts in their newsletter email. I definitely recommend them.
— Kelly, client since 2008
Everyone knows the benefits of exercise: lose weight, feel great, get healthy, blah blah blah. But raising two kids and running a household doesn’t leave much time for a fitness routine, especially if it takes fifteen minutes just to get to the gym or studio. So, like many busy people, I just dropped it off my list, and suffered the consequences, also well-known.

Enter Kim Watkins and inShape Fitness.
Kim is the surgical strike of personal trainers. She comes to my house, gets me going immediately, keeps the intensity up, and somehow crams a full-body strength and cardio workout (with warm-up and cool-down) into 45 minutes. And she does it calmly and pleasantly. An hour after I lace up my sneakers, I’m showered, dressed, and getting on with the rest of my day. Which is much more fun now, because—-well, you know.
— Anna, client since 2012
I had so much fun working out with my trainer before my wedding. She personalized a plan for me to target specific areas and was very motivating! I also loved that she gave me “homework” so that I had a focus when working out alone. I definitely saw results in the few months that we worked together before the wedding and felt great!
— Lilly, bridal client 2010
If “I can’t get to the gym” sounds like a valid excuse for not exercising, think again: Those words don’t hold water here, because inSHAPE’s trainers meet clients at work, at home, and pretty much anywhere else. Avid runner and
personal trainer Jill Redfern started inSHAPE in 1997 and has been tailoring workouts to fit client’s schedules ever since. Although Pilates is her main focus, fitness regimens incorporate Bosu balls, Central Park circuit training (just a half-block away), and pre- and-postnatal workouts. Clients who do visit the studio find a white, airy room (one client at a time), sparse equipment, and hardwood floors. The feel is not unlike a dance rehearsal space, and the buff mommies coming and going seem well on their way to sculpting ballerina bodies. The studio also offers “bridal training” (nutrition and exercise to facilitate a lower-stress wedding day), dietary counseling, and deep-tissue and Thai massage.
— Molly, 2006