Four on the Floor Workout

Morning movements don’t have to be complicated. In fact, when I wake up, I stumble out of my cramped Manhattan bedroom and into the one spot in my apartment big enough for a yoga mat to stretch out. As I start moving, my eyes are barely open - I yawn my way through the first couple of minutes.

And that’s OK!

Because once you start moving, and blood starts flowing, you wake up in a whole new way! Today’s session (podcast on our homepage) is called Four on the Floor. It’s four exercises, without equipment. First, here’s the short warm up! The Postural Systems Check is how I begin most sessions with clients, and it consists of a 4-6 deep breathes along with a mental checklist of your spinal alignment and posture. Then we do a lighthouse, one of my favorite exercises (click here to see and download) and 30 seconds of jumping jacks.

The Lighthouse for Balance!

The Lighthouse for Balance!

The rest of the session includes:

Downward Dog (Pike)
Hip Bridge
Fred Astaire

We completed three sets of downward dog and planks at 30 seconds each, then two sets of the bridge and toe taps (we call them Fred Astaire).

Please let me know if you need explanations for any of these moves, and give this sequence a try! It’s easier than you think to start the day off without a trip to the gym. Kim