I Refuse To Be Tired Workout

When the alarm clock strikes each morning, most of us are NOT thrilled to get out of bed. Feeling tired in the morning is almost a given. You know that I fully support a morning routine that you can rely on everyday. It is truly one of the best ways to generate natural energy before you race to the first item on your calendar. However, throughout the day, most people experience dips in energy that trigger a trip to the coffee shop, candy store or both. This quick session takes place mostly on your feet and can be performed anywhere.

Best of all, it’s just six moves! This week’s AMuscle Maintenance podcast can guide you through the sequence, but if you are eager to get started without Coach Kim’s commentary, turn on some tunes and start moving.

- I Stick to Half Moon with the PSC (Postural Systems Check): stand up tall with your feet touching, knees gently squeezed together, back straight and palms pressed together over your head. Take three deep breathes then slowly drop the body down to the left and pause for 15 seconds. Slowly straighten up then repeat on the other side (2 minutes).

- Windmill: Plant your feet double shoulder-width apart with your toes turned out slightly. Clasp your hands above your head. Make like a windmill and drop the body down to the right, until your hands point towards the floor. Keep your tummy muscles pulled in while you are bent down. Then continue the rotation up the left side. Complete a couple of full revolutions then switch directions (2 minutes).

- Plie Squat: With your feet in the same position, stabilize your body by holding onto the back of a chair or table. Or put your hands on your hips. Slowly lower your body, keeping your back straight, until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Stand up by squeezing the butt and pressing the heels to the floor (1 minute).

- High Knee March: Pretty self explanatory, but just make sure that your back is straight. Also really important is the height that your knees reach as you lift. The only way to activate the glutes is to lift up to hip level, then lower back down slowly. If this is too easy, you can make it a high knee jog (1 minute).

- High Knee Skip: Amp it up to a skip, where the lift knee is accompanied by a tiny little hop on the other leg. If you aren’t strong enough, just keep marching. You can also add a shoulder press to make this move more challenging (1 minute).

- Reverse Lunge: Standing up tall again, keep the right leg stable (hold on to the back of the chair again if needed). Step back with the left leg and bend both knees to 90-degrees without bending the body forward. After about 45 seconds, switch legs (90 seconds).

- Combination Skip and Lunge: combine the above moves so that the lifted knee is the leg that extends backwards into the reverse lunge. For more advanced exercisers, you can bend over in the reverse lunge and touch the floor with both hands before you LAUNCH the body back up for the next continuous high knee skip. Complete the same number on each side for a total of about 2 minutes.

Have fun and stay focused! Coach Kim