30-Min Total Body, Equipment Free Routine

Home based sessions are the most sustainable way to thread physical exertion into your sedentary life. This session (podcast on our homepage) with Coach Kim works the whole body and emphasizes functional areas of strength that are often forgotten when “workouts” consist of a walk, bike ride, jog, or a cardio machine. Give it a try!

Warm up
Jog in place
Arm circles with butt kicks
Downward facing dog to stretch hamstrings and calves
30 second Plank
15 second Side Plank Right then Left

Set I, 12 repetitions
Wall Sit
Lateral Lunge
High Knee Skip
Boxing punches

Set I, 24 repetitions
Wall Sit with Knee Pulses
Lateral Lunge with Opposite Arm Reach
High Knee Skip Kick
Squat with Boxing Punches

Set II, 12 repetitions
Walk Out Planks
Hand taps
Hip Bridge Dips
Jack Knife Sit Ups

Set II, 24 repetitions
Walk Out Monkey Jumps
Push Ups with Hand Taps
Hip Bridge Reaches

Stretch thoroughly with knee hugs, windshield wipers and IT Band extensions, and child’s pose.