Core Quad Podcast Circuit

Hey gang! Today’s equipment free session is meant for anyone who is interested in building functional strength in their core. To us, that means your abs, back, chest, pelvis, butt, and sides of the body. To that end, Coach Kim put together a set of just FOUR simple exercises that anyone can do. The Quad has four corners, two each of the following sets: holding the positions statically for 40 seconds, repeating a moving circuit of four versions of each, four times.

And here are the exercise descriptions:
- Plank: Lying on your stomach, place your elbows and forearms under your chest. Bring yourself up to form a bridge, using your forearms and toes. Maintain a flat back and do not let your hips sink. Your head position should be neutral, looking at the floor. Hold this position and focus on tightening your abdominals. Breathe continuously throughout this exercise.

- Hip Bridge: Lie on your back with your knees bent 90 degrees and feet flat. Push the hips up till you are resting on the tips of your shoulder blades (but don't tilt your pelvis up when you reach the top). Keep your feet parallel and flat on the floor.

- Derrick: Lie down on the floor on your right side with your legs extended and feet stacked, resting on your right elbow (underneath your right shoulder). Lift your trunk off of the floor, using your left hand for balance as necessary. You can also bend the knees behind your body, keeping your hips straight for a modified version.

- Windshield wipers: Lie flat on your bach with your knees bent and lifted up in the air, 90 degrees at the hips and 90 degrees at the knees. Your arms should extend out to the sides. Keeping your shoulders flat on the floor, drop both knees down to the left. Pause, then using your lower tummy muscles, lift your knees back up and lower them over to the right.

First and third circuits: Hold each position for 40 seconds. Note: Derrick and Windshield Wipers can be 20 seconds on each if preferable.

Second and fourth circuits: Complete the following variation, four times each:

Plank with Lateral Toe Taps (left foot then right)
Plank with Hip Dips
Plank with Corkscrew Hips
Plank with Forward Punches (right arm then left)

Hip Bridge Dips
Single Leg Bridge Dips Right
Single Leg Bridge Dips Left
Ballerina Bridge Dips (with heels lifted)

Derrick with Hip Dips
Derrick with Top Knee Pulses
Derrick with Top Knee/Top Elbow Side Crunches
Derrick with Top Arm Reach Through

Windshield Wipers Back and Forth
Windshield Wipers with Horizontal Leg Extension in the Middle
Windshield Wipers with Reverse Crunch in the Middle
Windshield Wipers with Bicycle Crunch in the Middle