Mile Maintenance

How well can you travel a mile on foot? Can you walk it without pain? Jog or run it? However you manage a mile, your body's readiness for a mile is a basic marker for functional strength, and this session with Coach Kim will guide you through 10 dynamic exercises that warm up your body and get you ready for your journey. Whether it's a mile or just a trip to the office.

Coach Kim guided a podcast workout on this topic today, and we invite you to listen in to it for  detailed instructions on each of the following ten exercises:

1. Postural Systems Check
2. Standing Clockwise Spin
3. Lighthouse for Balance
4. Standard Squat
5. Bird Dog
6. Plank
7. Hip Bridge
8. Roll Up
9. Downward/Dynamic Dog
10. Hedgehog

We recommend about one minute for each exercise, performed slowly, with a focus on the start position, your mechanical adjustments (again, listen to Coach Kim), and breathing. 

Never put on your shoes and start ambulating without a dynamic warm up! Moving a mile on your feet, whether you are walking, jogging, biking, hiking, or swimming, incorporates the use of the entire body, which is why activating the entire body is so effective.

Let us know if you need more help!