Common Threads in Fitness Achievement

inSHAPE Fitness celebrates 20 years of operation this holiday season! Over the years, we have definitely heard ALL of the excuses, hit all of the roadblocks, and helped identify solutions for thousands of clients. Despite the fact that each of us is unique, that no sustainable plan comes one size fits all, we surveyed our long-time clients and found four key commonalities! 

1. There is always a reason to skip a workout. No matter your fitness level, age, gender or job, you can reason your way out of an exercise session. Scheduling factors being equal - the real difference lies in a person's willingness to trust that the effects of the workout - how you feel after - will make the time well spent. 

2. Improvements to your appearance (weight loss, ripped abs, sculpted shoulders) don't mean anything in comparison to how your lifestyle affects what's going on inside your body. All of our successful clients embrace this and power on knowing that they are preventing injuries, warding off medical conditions, and living longer through exercise (though we've been known to shred some abs too)!

3. A healthy life includes you plus the people with whom you share your life. Solo exercise experiences aren't bad, but they won't sustain a person over a long period of time. Get communal in health - share the activities that you like with the people that you love.

4. A little something at the start of most, if not every, day, will protect against longer periods of time when it becomes really challenging to workout at all. This daily maintenance routine can be as short as five minutes long. As long as it gets your heart rate thumping and your muscles contracting, you are stimulating the tissues in your body that otherwise sleep while your brain is at the office.

We know so much more today about the sustainability of healthy living - or lack thereof - than we did when inSHAPE Fitness was started in 1997. However, the basics are still the same: customized programming for people who don't want to spend time in the gym. The common denominators for success are realistic no matter who you are today. Let us know if you need our help.