Fitness Trackers and our Compliance Problem

     "Honey they shrunk the FitBit" writes Goeffrey Fowler in the Wall St Journal this week. Yep, that's right. The fitness tracking craze has moved to rings. A ring on your finger can track your heart-rate so that it knows when your heart-rate boosts enough to quality for exercise. 

    The wearable fitness device market has ballooned in the last few years. When inSHAPE was started in 1997, the big thing was the Polar Heart Monitor, which was a special wrist watch that required a person to wear a band around the chest that pressed against your skin to track your heart-rate. You don't even need to be old enough to remember having to stand up to change the channel on a television to see the remarkable speed of this changing market. 

     What are we doing with all of this data that we are collecting? Not all that much.

     Statistically speaking, American adults weigh more and medicate more than ever before, regardless of consumer spending trends. Most Americans generally know what to do. They know they need to get keep their butts out of the chair. They know that they need to get their heart rate up. They know that muscles and bones and other body parts atrophy, they decay, when they aren't in use.

     The compliance problem stinks, because the human brain has a brain of its own. The primitive parts of your head are having it out with the more advanced part of the brain all day long. Compliance with your fitness regimen, in the advanced part of your brain, battles the desire to save your energy, a primitive part of your brain.

     Everyday compliance, approached on a micro-scale, is a great way to start. And it doesn't require a FitBit, an iPhone, or one of the fancy $200 rings that Fowler wrote about this week. Five minutes first thing in the morning with jumping jacks, squat, push ups, hip lift, and a plank (one minute each) boosts your energy in the morning before you get dressed for the day. 

    Compliance turns into Routine, which develops into Lifestyle.