Metabolism Mini Tips

For the last few weeks, my posts have centered around food. And quite honestly, I have a hard time turning my attention away from food and how powerful it can be in your quest for a more efficient metabolism.

But this week, we are focusing on easy ways that you can boost your metabolism without the official, dreaded "workout." Exercise trends are all over traditional and social media - high intensity, barre, yoga, pilates, boot camps, aerial, running, gyrotonics, strength and conditioning, martial arts, cross fit, and so much more. The drawback to each of these disciplines is two fold. First, You have to LEARN it to do it well, which is necessary if you want results. Second, practice takes time. Mastery takes even more time. Fitness results, therefore, are by definition, not quick fixes.

Trends come and go, but your body's long term health demands a life long dedication to healthy habits. That's why our team isn't satisfied with simply guiding you through artfully programmed workouts. No exercise regimen is sustainable without attention to other healthy habits.

These five tips take little additional time but can make a huge difference in the way that your body responds to more serious exercise efforts.

1. Resist the urge to jump into the shower first thing in the morning. Get up in time for your body and brain to sync up with one another. These crucial moments can be used to breathe deeply, stretch, and/or otherwise just sit and ponder your day. The shock and subsequent anxiety generated by a frenetic pace of daily life disrupts the natural metabolic cycle in your body, thwarting it before it ever gets going.

2. View your body in a full body mirror as you head out the door. Make sure that your posture is correct. Your shoulders should line up with your ears. Your back should be straight, your hands should open palms out so that your chest is open and able to take in air properly. Your hips, knees, and ankles should line up and your feet should be straight.

3. Keep your mouth closed! A mouth agape fosters passive respiration, but if you close your mouth and force your nose to engage in breathing, you activate your diaphragm and enhance the capacity of your lungs. Cellular activity is metabolism!

4. Whenever possible, get down on the floor. Nothing sets your metabolism on fire more than the body's work against gravity. When you have to lower your body to the floor and get back up (stairs do this too), your body encounters resistance which increases blood flow and other metabolic processes.

5. Figure out how you can release stress. Each person is different, so this last piece of advice may be challenging to pinpoint if you are in the habit of internalizing your stress. Massages, psychotherapy, journal writing, alone time, together time are all ways to alleviate hormonal imbalances that hijack your metabolic processes.

Exercise is part of life but it need not be your total life. If you want exercise results that last a long time, stop pigeon-holing fitness experiences as your answer. The little things can make a huge difference.