Acidity and Inflammation, Metabolic Evil-Doers

Digestive challenges may be one of the main reasons why so many people struggle with excess weight, chronic pain, and depleted energy. Yes, they are ALL related causes of imbalanced metabolic processes. Pesky symptoms like gas and bloating, indigestion, constipation, and urinary issues frequently stem from food choices and insufficient movement habits.

When your body's natural processes are in balance, you rarely need to concern yourself with over the counter meds like antacids, anti-inflammatories, laxatives, etc. Relying on medications for daily relief is one of the easiest ways we can tell that your metabolism isn't working properly, so if you are on the market for better health, weight loss and/or performance enhancements, you might want to give serious consideration to two issues: acidity and inflammation.

Without getting too "sciency" here's a brief overview of pH levels in the body and how acidity is often related to daily annoyances (like those listed above) that you probably don't think of as metabolic problems. 

pH stands for -potential Hydrogen- level. A liquid's pH refers to its hydrogen ion concentration on a scale from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. The higher the number, the more oxygen-rich, or alkaline, the fluid is, and the human body needs to be slightly alkaline, higher than 7, in order to be healthy. Acidity, when the pH balance dips below 7, prevents absorption of nutrients in cells, decreases cells' energy production, and makes the body more susceptible to fatigue and illness. 

Your body already knows all of this and in a healthy person, the balances shift but always end up back at that narrow range. But if you suffer from any metabolic issue, you need nutrient corrections, and the tricky thing is that acidic foods do NOT necessarily cause acidity in the stomach. Here's one of the most helpful charts that we could find to help you navigate the confusion. Warning: bottled and purified waters - highly acidic! So is beef! On the other hand, raw tomatoes are NOT acidic (and though they are more so when cooked, they are not as acidic as a a piece of chicken).

Our minds were blown when we read much of the chart about pH, so we'll keep this part pretty straightforward. Pain in your body from muscles and joints is often generalized inflammation from imbalanced chemical reactions. Coach Kim tiptoed her way into physiology with a Duke University course last year and continues to work her way through a morass of theories about how excess fluid and gases generate pain and suffering in so many of our clients. 

One thing she really wants you to know is this: if you commit to a love of real food, and begin to explore the world of edible botanicals we've covered so far this summer, you are already on your way to your solution. Inflammation naturally dissipates when your body no longer wards off hormonal spikes and other stresses. Medicines may alleviate pain but do your body one better by focusing on how to prevent inflammation in the first place. Only foods and movement can work this magic!