Metabolism - Morning Ritual

Each person starts the day with the opportunity to positively affect metabolic processes. Despite the influence of multiple factors that cannot be controlled:

  • genetics - dozens of genetic markers are known to affect one's daily metabolic strength
  • hormones - sleep quality greatly affects hormone levels, which in turn, impacts metabolism
  • intake and stress from the day before - also impacts hormone levels, and thus, metabolism

Yes, you do have control over your food choices and stress levels and other lifestyle choices that can reverse the negative effects of the second and third items above. However, once you wake up on a particular day, you have no control over what happened the day, the week, the year before.

You have to LET IT GO (insert lyrical Elsa voice at will)! Think of each morning as ground zero for your biological strength. Do you recognize any of these patterns:

  • Stumbling from bed right into a shower and out the door, late for work
  • Taking care of breakfast, getting dressed and household chores for your family without any regard for your own body
  • Avoiding food in the morning because of a big meal the night before

Your morning routine can make or break the metabolic rhythm your body requires - to feel good all day long, to get more done, and to enjoy your life. All summer long, we are talking about metabolism. and this week, we zero in on what you do in the first 90 minutes of your day.

The following steps, followed every day will make a huge difference in your metabolic activity:

  1. Drink a big glass of water before anything else. Cold, iced, tepid, hot - matters less than your simply getting the hydration into your system. 
  2. Dedicate 10-20 minutes of time to stimulating body weight movement. A combination of heart elevating moves, stretches, and strength building exercises is best. Even if you plan to "workout" later, dedicate this alone time 
  3. Consume a light meal of raw fruit and a protein - it needs to get you through to the wave of hunger you WILL feel as a consequence of your increased metabolism. 
  4. If you have a little more time, make this meal the biggest of your day - eggs with salad and grainy toast, oats with nuts - you really have a lot of license here.
  5. Plan ahead for a mid-morning raw food snack. Produce is best, and it really can stand alone. You do not need protein in your snack unless you are burning mega calories in your workouts. Raw carrots, apples, melon - all have tons of fiber and will sate your body until lunch and then again until your light dinner. 

Our coverage of metabolism continues next week with more on what those morning exercises should be. In the meantime, get started by setting up a trial account (free) at