Too Smart to Be Fit?

Human senses of logic, productivity, time management, and motivation may be among your biggest obstacles to long term exercise success. Most humans do not want to exercise as a way to spend their time. I don't. Spending time on the activities that produce the most effect on life, like working hard, taking care of family members, household responsibilities, social gatherings, consume all adults, every single week.

This is one of the reasons that the gym industry weaves media, pampering, competitions, and other luxury services into fitness in order to help you justify your membership costs and time spent in their facilities. 

Getting Out of Your Human Brain
Whether you like it or not the human body has to move in order to live, much like every other animal on the planet. This is because movement of body parts also translates to movement of internal tissues, the cornerstone of your metabolism.  Gym based exercise programs are not the cure for this fundamental requirement and monumental problem. 

Connecting with your non human brain may however lead you down a more productive path. Much of daily human life consists of ways to prove that you are more than simply an animal. Sleep deprivation, material success, higher learning, entertainment, and literature are all examples of ways humans spend their human time. 

When it comes to the realm of long term health, take some tips from Mother Nature's other gifts:

1. Accept that You are NOT Just Yourself.
Thousands of living species coexist in any one being. All animals, including humans, host other organisms. Microbes actually dominate the space that you call your body. You are a biological host, and you need to act like one. Sedentary life, processed food products, chemicals, and drugs damage your guests. If you kill your guests, your body is going to suffer. 

2. The Gym Will Waste your Time. 
Daily movement and recreation can and should replace your focus on gym based experiences. With the proper skill set, awareness of wasted resources (time, $$$, and environmental), anyone can support a healthy body at home, the office, or in a park. 

3. Tap into Your Middle Brain.
You can't do anything with the most primitive parts of your brain, but you can tap into the primate level of movement: using the body not only to expend energy but also to generate it. Figuring out how proper posture supports efficient breathing and movement mechanics will help you alleviate pain and fatigue. Finally by retreating from weight bearing and equipment centric exercises , you will begin to feel the multiple ways your body wants to move. 

The human brain elevated life on the planet to huge heights but the basics of bodily health remain within the realm of simpler principles. Daily movement, consuming food when the body requires it, rest and sleep everyday, and respect Mother Nature.