April Arms Workout at inMOTION Exercise on Demand!

If you've made your way out to a park to exercise in the last couple of weeks, you've noticed walkers, bikers and joggers en masse! Getting outdoors for much needed aerobic movement also strengthens the lower body and to some degree, your core. However, you may be wondering how you can get your upper body ready for the warm months.

inMOTION's April Arms Workout is your answer!
At just 21 minutes in length, the session preps your upper body then targets your shoulders, chest, and arms without the use of equipment, and without a trip to the gym.

You already know that our team emphasizes workouts that you can do anywhere. inMOTION was launched as a vehicle for you to achieve this freedom from the gym. To that end, here are a few tips as you work on your upper body:

  1. Start with a postural systems check and engage your core, breathe deeply, and make sure that you keep your feet firmly planted.
  2. Move your arms deliberately, with complete control. Pretend that you are holding weights or that something is pushing down on your arms. This perceived resistance increases your output, burns more calories, and strengthens muscles without actual weights.
  3. When your hands are on the floor, press down with your fingertips and the top part of your palm. Using only the heel of your hand fatigues your wrist and limits the use of important upper body muscles. 

Plus Members automatically have access to April Arms, If you have a basic membership and want to get this and other Specialty Workouts at inMOTION, UPGRADE NOW! A full year of unlimited sessions is just $85, but you can pay $7.95/month with no obligation to continue AND the first 30 days is FREE. Cancel at any time without penalty.