The Functional Five: five moves, one minute each

The daily deluge of information that hits your inbox or gets pushed to your mobile device is overwhelming. In terms of your exercise regimen and health, countless experts weigh in on every detail of your calories, vitamins, equipment, weight control, disease prevention, etc.

The science of your performance, your aches and pains, your fatigue, your injuries can make your head spin. Not only do few health professionals have definitive answers, but also few options translate to real results without a great deal of change in your life. We want just five minutes of your time each day. 

The Functional Five workout consists of five exercises:
     1. walk out push up
     2. standard squat
     3. jumping jacks
     4. hip bridge
     5. plank

There are no surprises. In fact, you may think, "hey - these moves are too easy for me; I can't possibly get any benefits from such simple exercises." Or maybe you say to yourself, "I hit the gym three times a week and bike for 20 minutes (insert other cardio machine at will). 

We urge you to consider otherwise. Daily movement with a focus on deep breathing and proper technique will do more for your long term health and vitality than almost any other daily habit that you adopt. The science backs this claim, but do yourself a favor and focus on the art. You will feel better, move better, and enjoy your life more when you free yourself from the guilt of not going to the gym. Or from the pain of forcing yourself to go a few times a month to justify the cost of your membership.

Active Times article and
Our friends at the Active Times wrote an excellent article about inSHAPE's Functional Five Circuit, which also got picked up at this week. People are getting sick of the same media attention around the hard core, sweat it out until you scream, fake it till you make it approach to exercise.

Read the complete article here at OR at the Active Times here.

Functional Five Varieties
The Functional Five performed just once, is perfect way to start the day. It takes FIVE minutes, and it performs the following vital biological necessities:

     1. elevates the heart rate and forces the body to interact with gravity
     2. activates neurotransmitters that reside in the feet
     3. supports hip and hamstring function
     4. isolates all muscle layers in the trunk which protect your vital organs
     5. elongates muscles, supporting overall range of motion

Bells and whistles aren't needed. Motive power is. You should still walk your 8,000-10,000 steps each day. You should still pay close attention to the "realness" of your food choices. But this 5-minute circuit will do more for your overall health than almost any other aspect of your morning routine. 

Want more of a boost? Repeat the circuit two or three times for the additional metabolic boost. We encourage clients to perform up to three sets without anything more than a glass of water in the morning.

Functional Five at inMOTION - Discount Offer
Want these moves to replace a trip to the gym? Have a small snack and perform FIVE sets. Each of the moves have dozens of varieties for ways to prevent boredom, so if you need help, let us know. And when you sign up for a membership at, you get access to two versions of the Functional Five, so give it a try today! With this promo code: podcastinmotion, you get the first six months for just $1.97 per month.

Have a great weekend, Coach Kim.