Hip Strength and Lower Core Stability

Neglecting your hips isn't something that you do on purpose. You get out of bed each morning and do what needs to be done. From the morning commute to nightly household chores, you ponder little about those small muscles that connect the pelvis to your legs.

Despite the best intentions and high output in so many areas of life, the human body suffers from a number of limitations as a result of a sedentary life. Over time, sitting weakens and incapacitates the hip flexors, which leads to back issues, hamstring and knee pain, left/right imbalances, etc. Hip exercises deliver needed blood flow to the region, and they increase pliability in the tendons and ligaments.

This week we feature the Hip Bridge exercise at Master the Motion, and we are keeping it simple with most basic version. Though you may readily believe you are beyond a level 2 exercise, we strongly believe in the power of re-learning and mastery through repetition. Don't discount the elementary level and fortify your foundation!

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