Exercise Experiences and Daily Doses

Workouts can be fun! They aren't generally, but sometimes an exercise experience leaves a smile on participants faces. Finding a buddy to share in the agony, striking up a conversation with a new crush, competing against others - these are all motivators to get you to the gym, studio, or boot camp location. 

Those of us in the fitness industry work tirelessly to design and deliver exercise experiences in living rooms, gyms, corporations, etc, And with the obesity and other lifestyle disease problems that we continue to endure, fitness popularity is simply exploding. You will continue to see all kinds of options, from workouts to workout socials, to survival races and classes of so many varieties.

However, we strongly urge you to think about two different kinds of exercise:

1. Exercise Experience (structured workouts)

2. Daily Dose Fitness (DDF's)

Morning Routine: Wake Up.... 
Unless you are a competitive athlete, if you work in a job where you spend most of your time sitting, your body needs a daily dose of exercise. A short routine that activates the muscles, and distributes blood and nutrients in an efficient way after the extended inertia created by sleeping. 

Food experts have harped for years on the necessity of having breakfast in the morning. It's a proven phenomenon that the human body needs nourishment first thing in the morning. A daily dose of movement is as critical to the body's ability to operate on all of its cylinders. 

Five-ten minutes will make a difference in terms of fluid distribution, energy levels, and best of all - your metabolism. Give it a try for 30 days - we guarantee you'll feel the difference. inMOTION Customized Workouts is a perfect guide for these short, equipment-free routines. Give it a try today!