Waxing Wellness with Four C Fitness

Michelle and Lisa Cast are two awe-inspiring gals! A few years ago, they were dangerously overweight. And they knew it. They needed to make some big changes. And they knew this too. They got to work and over the course of the next few years, they lost 240 pounds. Naturally. 

They started Four C Fitness to highlight their discoveries: the trainers, services, shoes, foods, ideas, and so many other facets of wholesome wellness.

They also do a great job simply having fun! Remembering that though a clean healthy life may not include indulgences they once treasured, Michelle and Lisa beam when they talk about life ahead. 

Coach Kim had the distinct pleasure of chatting with them on their weekly radio show late this summer. Listen in and learn a little about their story, inSHAPE's role in the local fitness community, and how we aim to change the conversation about regular exercise with inMOTION Customized Workouts. 

Listen here: http://fourcfitness.com/the-show/