Cool Temperatures and Holidays Coming Soon

We woke this morning in New York City to temperatures in the 50's. In the burbs, we hear that they dipped into the 40's. The fall has arrived, and with it, darker mornings and snooze buttons galore. Obviously we are going to try and convince you that you should still muster for your daily workout regimen. That's what we do. But we also sympathize and want to help arm you with the tools you need to tackle the tougher exercise months.

The rapidly approaching holiday season compounds the problem; dinners and parties are already starting. You do your best to get your work done, leave in time for an evening event, dress impeccibly, mingle intelligently, and make smart food and drink decisions. Still, it's tiring. You make it home late and what happens the next morning? Snooze drum roll please...

With as many years in the business as inSHAPE has, we've heard ALL of the ways that this season ruins the body. With that in mind, here are your top ten tools to get through the holiday season without unwanted extra pounds:

  1. water with lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper (first thing that you do after you wake up is drink a giant glass of water) and stay hydrated throughout the day

  2. inMOTION Customized Workouts – 10 minute routine (can serve as a warm up for a run, bike, elliptical OR function on its own

  3. an apple every day (remember the old adage – but it can be a pear)

  4. real breakfast within 90 minutes of waking up

  5. hunger pains (you've got to know the difference between passively eating because its time to v. emotional eating v. real hunger) because it's ok to be hungry

  6. stairs (don't just “walk” - you want to find a few flights of stairs)

  7. fermented foods (pickles, vinegars, wine, beer, kimchi, yogurt) – they all use healthy microbes and can help stave off the unhealthy ones that you don't want

  8. a winter recreational plan (skiing, ice skating, show shoeing, running - set a goal and plant seeds NOW for a stronger foundation)

  9. one or two good buddies you can rely on to exercise with you when you are about to skip out on your plan

  10. five evening stretches that you can do before bed: childs pose, bow pose, windshield wiper hold, pretzel, corpse

Embrace it or hate it, the cold months are coming, and gym visits are headed south with the birds!