Benefits of Short Workouts on Long Weekends

A mere 15-minutes of daily movement adds 3 years of your life, says a recent study, performed on nearly half a million adults. And we aren't talking about 15 minutes of high intensity interval training, sprint running, or kettle-bell weight work. Body weight exercise. 

As the long weekend approaches for Labor Day, you may think that you have your free pass from the gym. And we think that you should take it. But consider the significance of a short routine and your ability to use the next three days to adopt an adjusted attitude about exercise. 

Four benefits of short workouts:

  • burning 100-165 calories at the start of your day, equates to 700-1265 calories a week, which does a great job working against that 2-3 lbs per year that most people gain.
  • after one month (the length of time it generally takes a good habit to form), your path to greater achievement will vastly expand. It's a behavioral certainty.
  • Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showed that short bouts of exercise helped lower blood pressure as well as shave inches off the hips and waistline.

  • a different study, one reported in a recent issue of Psychopharmocology, reported that short bursts of exercise reduced the cravings of cigarette smokers and hypothesize that other poor habits may be mitigated as well.

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