Mid Day Boost: inMOTION Feature

Is there an adult witching hour? Productivity drops a couple of hours after lunch because when you sit at a desk all day, and possibly sit at your desk while you eat your lunch, your body's glycemic index falls off of a cliff. You get sleepy, and you get cranky. Throwing paper airplanes may seem like hard work by the time 3:00 pm rolls around.

Though you may set out for your afternoon caffeinated beverage and/or reach for the candy dish, you add insult to energy injury as soon as you sit back down. The reason is that most of these late afternoon snacks metabolize quickly, spike hormone levels then produce the imbalance that causes you to feel sluggish and unproductive.

A giant cup of cool water will go a long way to energize you in the short term (and sometimes we add a little lemon and a dash of cayenne for that extra energy boost). Staying hydrated will also force you to get up a lot and hit the head more frequently.

Mid Day Boost
An even better way to stay alert and productive in the middle of the day is to get up and get the blood flowing again. Walking for 15-20 minutes is a decent option, but elevating your heart rate and boosting your metabolism with body weight exercises is even better.

New inMOTION Workout Variety
We are so confident in this strategy to keep you alert and highly productive through the mid-day slump that we've added a Mid Day Boost sequence to inMOTION Customized Workouts. Using a combination of moves that focus on balance, stability, and flexibility - components of exercise that boost your heart rate without getting you all sweaty - you can do this workout anywhere. Change of clothes not needed, shoes not needed. 

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