inMOTION Exercise Module Launches!

With a hectic schedule, a visit to the gym can either adds stress or seem like a total luxury. Lacking the expertise and motivation to figure out what to do instead, you probably just skip the workout, right? That's why the team at inSHAPE created inMOTION, a customized workout module that delivers you high quality, body weight exercises online, anywhere you are.

Countless online exercise videos and modules are out there. We know. But NONE of them creates a unique workout for YOU, each time you request one. The programs are canned and pre-programed. That's where inMOTION stands alone, and that's why we want you to try it today!

Set up a free account and try an unlimited number of Total Body Fitness Routines. Here's how it works:

You control three variables
     1. Number of minutes to workout
     2. Difficulty levels (1-5)
     3. Functional focus

The complimentary workouts at inMOTION are programmed to deliver you Total Body Fitness routines. Our proprietary formula warms you up, then creates a sequence for you. Your exercises will help with your balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Some impact moves are included, but rest assured that you can skip any exercise that you prefer not to perform. 

You can also repeat any move that you wish to repeat. When you are ready to upgrade, you'll also have the ability to SAVE your workouts. Repeating sessions will help you develop even greater success and efficiency with your sessions. Plus, you have access to all of the other variations, like weight loss, low impact, running warm up, pre natal, beach body, etc.

Give it a try and please let us know what you think!

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