Pelvic Power

Never has there been a better time to focus on the power of the pelvis! Most adults spend 8-12 hours per day on their tushies. Bio-mechanically, that means that your pelvis is often tilted, your hip flexors are contracted, and your lower back is strained. Need a wake up call? Here are five specific reasons to harness your pelvic power now.

1. Pelvic Muscles control your legs.
An obvious point, right? Sure, but sometimes focusing on the obvious can change the way that you see the big picture. When you want to move your legs, to walk, run, swim, or bike, you connect to a medium with your feet, and pivot alternating legs. However the origination of movement is your pelvic base. Strength at the base equals power in the motion. Without strength, your legs have to do more of the work.

2. Stronger pelvic muscles will help eliminate and prevent other issues.
Do you know anyone who doesn't complain about regular pains in the neck, back, butt, knees, feet, etc? Usually this pain exists on one side of the body, and its almost always caused by unequal lower core strength on one side of the body. Strengthening the hips individually will equilibrate the body's overall strength, which in turn, works to prevent and repair chronic pain issues.

3. Strong haunches will do wonders for your self confidence (and functional abilities).
Don't you just love the word, "haunch"? It really isn't used all that much anymore, especially when referring to humans. But the strength of the upper leg and hip/glute area is paramount to improved posture and correct forward movement. Start to become more aware of this fact and work towards improved strength of your haunches, and we guarantee you will be standing taller, strutting more, and feeling so much better about your body.

4. Strong hips are better in bed.
For this and the next reason, we highlight kegels, or isometric exercises of the pelvic floor muscles. Kegels help strengthen your control over the organs in the pelvic region (both digestive and sexual), so when you take the time to practice kegels and strengthen your outer pelvic muscles, you can do more in bed, perform longer, and enjoy the experience more. Here's a great article about kegels that we found at Everyday Health.

5. For child bearing women, pelvic strength is a must.
The single greatest advantage you will have in childbirth is power in the pelvis. By starting now, you can help gain awareness of your pelvic floor, build strength of the internal muscles, improve coordination between the organs and muscles that will deliver your body, and reduce the risk for problems after the birthing process. Post pregnancy, kegels continue to amaze us with their contribution to the return to post-baby anatomy and help reduce the chance of incontinence down the road.

Now, you may be asking, "so how do I strengthen my haunches and do good kegels?" So, next week, we will offer you five ways to increase your pelvic strength. In the meantime, try this week's workout to get started.