Interaction with Gravity

Gravity is the naturally occurring attraction between physical entities, most commonly used to refer to the weight an object has to a surface. In regular life, you probably don't think much about gravity, but we'd like to introduce you to the concept of "interacting with gravity" as a functional priority of your exercise regimen. 

Coach Kim was recently introduced to a book written by the former Director of Life Sciences at NASA, who worked with astronauts on the effects space life had on the body and mind. Now a well-known phenomenon, anti-gravity conditions wreak major havoc on astronauts' bodies.  Muscles, bones, and other tissues deteriorate rapidly in space, and Dr. Joan Vernikos, now believes that sedentary humans create what she calls a "quasi micro-gravity" condition here on Earth. 

Even people who exercise regularly for the recommended thirty minutes 3-5 times per week live in this altered condition if they sit for most of the rest of the day. Regular, frequent interaction with gravity, she believes, is one of the single most important ways that a person can sustain long-term health. The bottom line is that you need to interrupt your seated position every 10-20 minutes during waking hours. You don't need to stand up and move around for long - even standing up then sitting right back down makes a difference. 

Easy ways that you can interact with Gravity:
     1. Men: stand up when a woman enters the room!
     2. Stand up to take a phone call.
     3. Get up when a commercial comes on. Stream your programming? Pretend that there are commercials.
     4. Play with your kids on the that you have to get up for all of the other things going on in your home.
     5. Incorporate gravitational interaction exercises in your daily regimen. 

This last one is our favorite of course! Interacting with gravity is one of inSHAPE's eight functional fitness priorities, and this week, we offer you the Burpeeta in our Master the Motion series as a great total body effort that definitely interacts with gravity. Other moves include squats, of which there are countless varieties. And taking stairs is another tried and true way to say hello to gravity everyday.