The Polar Vortex is Back - watch out for S.A.D!

The winter of 2014 is one for the record books, we don't need to tell you that. You are living it again this week. As the month of February ends and March begins, we may all have high hopes that in a few short weeks, Spring will be sprung, S.A.D. continues to fester. 

What's S.A.D? Seasonal Affective Disorder is a temporary depressive condition brought on by shorter daylight hours, more time spent indoors, and changes in other behaviors (like eating more) during the winter months. We are all suffering from it to some degree. Kids are cranky, and we adults? Well we pretty much run the gambit of sleeping poorly, eating terribly, exhibiting short tempers, and worrying about everything. 

Coping skills are mandatory, and one of the best ways you can mitigate the affects is to exercise regularly, as in at least five times per week. That doesn't mean that you have to spend an hour at the crack of dawn with your trainer or in a structured class! Two-three of these intense sessions should anchor each week and should push you to your limits.

On other days, however, do a little something as soon as you wake up. Five or ten minutes of body weight moves, a few stretches, and a giant glass of water will boost your metabolism and your energy. Sure, it is always easier said than done, but give it a try. Tomorrow morning is Saturday. You have fewer commitments. You don't even need to put on your gym clothes - just march into the living room and start moving.

And if you need programming ideas, please let us know. You can also click on to, our customized workout module, which is in beta-test and completely free of charge until the end of March. 

One other tip: get outside for some fresh air each day. Even when the temperature dips way down. Your lungs literally need this fresh air! Bundle up and take a walk for ten minutes. The sunshine gives you a Vitamin D boost, and your energy will perk up immediately. For more information on S.A.D., click here to read an article from the Mayo Clinic.