Teaching Simple But Effective Exercises for Long-Term Health and Better Quality of Life (In Person & Live Online)

The exercise experts at inSHAPE Fitness guide you through workouts wherever you are and whenever you want! You get the guidance and results you need, with total convenience and nonsense-free fitness experiences. Using comprehensive assessments and a blend of strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and core work, Coach Kim and the team will teach you, show you, motivate you, and push you towards complete health and natural strength. 

We have trained thousands of New Yorkers since our founding in October 1997, and we use the most relevant exercise modalities and technologies to help you discover your body's most effective ways to get and remain in shape. Give us a try with an introductory package of three sessions. It's an affordable way to try in home personal training, and you'll get access to all of our supplementary workouts, free podcasts, and access to our customized exercise module, inMOTION Customized Workout App.

Looking for other free exercise ideas and tips? The above podcast players are a great way to hear Coach Kim guide you through body weight exercises that should be a part of your daily routine. At www.inmotionworkouts.com however, you can set up a free basic account for access to unlimited workouts. 

You also get access to our Master the Motion Series, which is a password protected page of downloadable pdf's of many of our favorite functional fitness moves. With graphic images, detailed descriptions, and tips for greater efficiency, they are a must for anyone trying to lose weight, increase endurance, and enjoy life more. Click here to check out our write up on the Hip Bridge, a wonderful exercise that fosters lower core stability and strength. All that you have to do is to set up a free account at www.inmotionworkouts.com to get access.


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